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WOW-Unlimited outgoing call without showing your real number!!!

WOW-Unlimited outgoing call without showing your real number!!!

Yes you read right.Today i will tell you one APP that will help you for calling someone unlimited times without showing your real no. or real name.

So you also use that tricks for the prank someone or for emergencies.

Before starting this tricks let's see that is there is any risk in this tricks or not.
If you think that this is hacking app or any illegal app than you are wrong.There is no risk for use this app.All the developer has the permission for launch this application.

You all know that if any app is on play store than it is always secure and virus free.So don't be loaded your mind and just enjoy that app,

Now if you think that what is the benefits of the app developer?Ok, so let's clear the topic.
the app developer makes money by how many download are of that app.More download gives more money to developer.And developer knows that if the app is user friendly and useful than and than public will download that app.

So developer always makes the useful app for public and public can use it for sufficient way.So now we are going to tell you the app name and steps to install and how to use guide.

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Let's start.....

step 1:Go to play store and search for "2nd line" or you can click on this "Download " button.

 2ndline app download
step 2:Now insert any email-id and any random password(You can also use fake email) and click on              create account.

step 3:Now permit all the permissions.
step 4:now choose a country area code(I prefer to use "315").

step 5:Now you will see the list of many numbers.Select one of them and click on continue.

step 6:Now you are ready to call anyone.

How to call someone?

step 1:open 2ndline app and click on "Dialer button" that is on up right corner.

step 2:Now choose the country from right up corner.

step 3:Enter the number you want to call and click on dial button.

All are ready.Now you can enjoy unlimited calling.Just fun.

                         1)You can use this app unlimited times in one mobile.
                         2)It is free for lifetime.
                         3)It consume less internet data.
                         4)It is secure app bcz its also on playstore.
                         5)You can also use this trick for mobile OTP bypass.
                          1)You can't generate Indian number.You only generate us and canada number.
                          2)Sometimes its take more time to call someone.
                          3)It ask for contacts permission.

😍Thank You 😍  

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