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How to open mobile File manager without password?

How to open mobile File manager without password?

You all know that are various technique to open file manager without password but in all tricks the root mobile is necessary and also all tricks are very long and hard.

Today I will share one trick that will help you in access the all data like photos,videos and all other files without opening gallery so no necessary to enter password.

So without time waste let's start the tricks...

For this trick you only need only chrome browser and one code that I will tell you in next step.


LET'S GO......

Step 1:Open chrome browser in your android mobile.

Step 2:Now in search bar type "file:///sdcard"(Without quotes)

Step 3:Now you get the screen as below and yep that is your file manager.

Step 4:Now enjoy this tricks.

                        You can also use this tricks on your friend's android mobile.He also will surprised.
This trick is for educational purpose please don't use this for illegal purpose.


              1)You can use this tricks without internet.
              2)You only need to keep in mind this code-"file:///sdcard"


               1)You can only see all photos and video.You can't download or send .
               2)You need updated chrome browser.  

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😘Thank You😘 

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Unknown said...

It is an informative post.

Nirvik patel said...

thanks you sir...I hope you like other post as well as..:)

Parker Edward said...

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Nirvik patel said...

Thanks sir...And your post is also good...

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