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How to increase virtual ram to make your windows faster?

How to increase virtual ram to make your windows faster?

Today in this topic i will tell you the method by which you can speed up your windows performance and complete all your task without any disturbances.

I am not tell you that after applying this tricks your computer will be like "superman".By this trick your computer may be increase the all loading speed 20-30%.

First of all we will clear the RAM concept and than go to the trick.

What is virtual ram?

Virtual memory is all about pagefile. Now your question is "what is pagefile?"

What is pagefile?

Pagefile is nothing but the hidden secrete file by .SYS extension that is stored in your computer{mostly in your c drive}.

The Pagefile allows the computer to perform smoothly by reducing the workload of the physical memory or RAM. 

Every time when you open more softwares than the ram can accommodate,the program that actually in ram is than transfer to that pagefile.

Now you can understand than if  pagefile size increse than you can use more and more software with relative time so we will focus on increase pagfile size.

The minimum file size is the 1.5 times than your physical ram.
The maximum file size is the 4 times than your physical ra.
EX...: if you have 1 gb physical ram than minimum pagefile size is 1.5(1*1.5=1.5) and maximum pagefile size is 4(1*4=4).

Now we are going to our tricks to increase the virtual ram.

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Let's Go......

Follow the all steps below...

step 1:Right click on "My computer" and click on "Administrator".
step 2:Click on "Advance" tab.

step 3:Now you in first option there will be "Performance" in this "Performance" click on "Setting".

step 4:click on the "Advance" button.

step 5:Under "Virtual memory" click on "Change".

step 6:Now uncheck the "Automatically changing paging......".
step 7: Now click on "Custom size".

step 8:For the initial size (depending on your HD space), type in anywhere from 1000-1500 (but I use 4000 on my risk), and for the Maximum size type in anywhere from 2000-2500 (but I use 6000 on my risk).
step 9:Click on "Set" and close all programs and than restart the windows.

Now you have faster computer.Now enjoy without hanging problems.

😃Thank You😃             

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