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Amazing Internet Tricks And Tips That No One Told You Before

Amazing internet tricks and tips that no one told you before

Nows a day all people are using internet but around 60% people don't use it smartly.So if you wanna smart in using internet than you are at right place.
Today i will tell you some internet tips that really help you in using internet smartly.
Below there are some tricks and tips.

Let's go.....

1) Use Google for set timer:

                     Sometimes you need for set the timer and than you will find your phone or other website but the one short solution is to use "google timer".
"google timer"

2) Use your chrome browser as notepad:

                     Ya..that's true.you can use your chrome browser as a notepad for this you just paste the below code and press enter.

code: data:text/html, <html contenteditable>

3) View hidden passwords in your browser:

                     You notice that when you type anything in password section than it will be like this (⬤⬤⬤⬤⬤⬤⬤).
                       But you can change it with text so when you write any in password section than it will like this: (ABCDEF)

step 1: Go to password section and right click on it.

step 2: select inspect element.

step 3: Now change type=password to type=text.


4) check any website-safe or not:

                     Sometimes you feel that this website is safe for open or not.That time this trick will help you.

step 1: just replace to "site=website name"


5) Delete your account permanently(like facebook,instagram,twitter,etc.):


Link: justdelete.me

6) Get back close tab in any browser:

                     sometimes you delete tab accidentally and you tried to undo but you not find option.

 Just press: Ctrl + Shift + t

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About Author Nirvik Patel

He is a computer science engineering student.He likes to do ranks the post on google.He hates coding

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