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Reset Your Forgotten Windows 10 Password easily without any software

Reset Your Forgotten Windows 10 Password Easily Without Any Software

We are human so daily we are forgot something and something.And the big problem is to remember the password of our pc, facebook,twitter,e.t.c.So today i will teach you the method by which you can easily reset your windows 10 password without any cd-dvd or any other software.And this trick is 100% real because i always give you right information.

So let's go....

step 1:start your pc or leptop and when you get this type of screen turn off your pc.
step2: Now again start the pc and repeat the step 1.
step 3:repeat step 1&2 untill you get this type of screen.

step 4:Now go to advance option.
step 5:than click on troubleshoot.
step 6:than click on advance option.
step 7:Click on "System image recovery".
step 8:Now click on cancel than next than advance.
step 9:Now click on "Install a driver" and click ok.
step 10:Now find widows folder and go to system32 folder.
step 11:Now search for sethc.exe and rename to sethc_app
step 12:Now search for cmd and than copy that cmd and paste in system32.
step 13:rename cmd-copy to sethc.
step 14:Now click on cancel and than click to continue.
step 15:when you get password screen press shift key 5-6 times and you will get the cmd screen.
step 16:in cmd type "control userpasswords2"and hit enter.
step 17:Now you can add or remove or change the administrator account.

 I hope you like this post and yes please don't use this trick for illegal purpose.
😊Thank you😊

About Author Nirvik Patel

He is a computer science engineering student.He likes to do ranks the post on google.He hates coding

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