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How to download youtube videos without software?

1 billion hours of YouTube content is watched per day. YouTube attracts about 1/3 of users on the internet. So sometimes you want to download youtube video for any purpose but that time you search on google and you download software for the download youtube video.

This softwares are helpful but there are many other ways that you can download youtube videos without software. This software are gain your space and make your mobile or pc. So it better than uses this method to download your youtube videos.

youtube videos without software

There are many ways that you can download this type of youtube videos but i am sharing very easy and best way to download your videos.
So let's get started.

1) Just ad "ss" in URL:

                                      This is the simplest trick to download youtube video without any software. In this trick, we use savefromnet.com website to download youtube video.

           step 1: Add "ss" keyword before youtube in your youtube video.
           step 2: Select quality and click on download.

youtube videos without software

youtube videos without software

The download will start and yes. Now you can watch it offline. But there are some restrictions on this method. You cant download videos in high quality. So if you want to download videos in somehow low quality or medium quality than you can use this trick.

 2)Just add "save" in URL:

                                        It works on the same principle that we are using in the previous method. So if you have come this direct than read 1st one. All steps are the same only change is you write "save" keyword before youtube.com.(okay, here all steps. Don't worry)                                   
           step 1: Add "save" keyword before youtube in your youtube video.
           step 2: Select quality and click on download.

3)By using the downloader website:

                                                     This is also one of the best method to download your videos from youtube without any software. You just to copy the URL of your video and paste into any youtube downloader website.

                    step 1: copy the URL of your video.
                    step 2: paste it into here.
                    step 3:select .mp4 format.
                    step 4: Click on convert.

youtube videos without software

By this method, you can download your video in high quality also. Here I provide you one youtube downloader link. You can search on google and there are many websites there for download youtube videos.

I hope you like this post youtube videos download without any software. And if you are using mobile than it is better to download any youtube downloader application for download videos. Because by that app you can download videos in one click and some app are only 10 to 15 MB.So that not take high space of your memory.

Now by this post, I guaranteed that you can download your youtube videos without any software installation and without taking help of other people for this silly query.

Thank You😀

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He is a computer science engineering student.He likes to do ranks the post on google.He hates coding

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Tuz said...

SnapTube pro is such an app, which is perfect for us if we want to download HD videos or audios from Instagram...

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